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Introducing Howard Watts Automotive

Howard Watts
By Howard Watts

There has been a lot of change since 1900 when Riddelsdell Bros Limited was first formed.

The car industry has changed, the technology has changed, and customers needs have changed.

One thing that has not changed, is the love people develop with their special cars, no matter what the marque, age, engine size or cost. And in a changing market, classic cars are becoming ever more popular with enthusiasts and investors alike.

Riddelsdell Bros has adapted to these changes throughout the years, but now in 2017 the business sees its biggest and most exciting change to date - Howard Watts Automotive, incoporating Riddelsdell Bros Ltd.

Established on a passion for classic cars, vast mechanical knowledge, and a close working relationship with every customer, Howard Watts Automotive is pushing to offer the highest quality work on classic cars, with specialist services available for Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar vehicles. Alongside the existing specialist mechanical services, Howard Watts Automotive also now offers car sourcing services, secure vehicle storage, and increasingly popular car restoration and rebuild work.

The team is growing, the service portfolio is growing, with lots of exciting growth and developments in the near future.

To keep you posted, this blog will be regularly updated with information about unique projects passing through the workshop and showroom, interesting events attended by the team, and spotlights on the different services and team members you will find in our historic Boxford garage.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at HowardWattsUK and visitors to the garage are always welcome.

117 years into Riddelsdell Bros history marks the start of an exciting new venture at Howard Watts Automotive!