Our Services - Secure Vehicle Storage

Howard Watts
By Howard Watts

Secure, maintained vehicle storage, provided by Howard Watts Automotive.

At Howard Watts Automotive, we deal with a lot of rare, pristine cars, both modern and classic. We are also aware that for a large selection of our customers, their cars are their passion - often meaning they have a collection of cars, not just one.

When you have a collection of cars, it can be difficult to store and maintain them - it becomes a large logistical puzzle to keep everything serviced, charged and ready to go, while at the same time protecting the paint and bodywork from the elements.

This has led to use creating our own Secure Vehicle Storage arm of Howard Watts Automotive.

We have an ex-grain store barn, which has been freshly prepared for vehicle storage. Using a former grain barn provides significant benefits for storing cars - the barn is designed to maintain air flow throughout the building, avoiding moisture build up and keeping contents fresh. This means there is no danger of rust developing on cars that are stored for longer periods of time.

Security is incredibly important, to provide peace of mind that your pride and joy is away from prying eyes, and not going to be damaged or stolen. Our storage unit is on private land, within 3 miles of the Howard Watts Automotive garage. Furthermore, there are upwards of 10 CCTV cameras and motion sensors protecting the building.

The final logistical nightmare of owning and storing a collection of cars is keeping them ready to drive. We are in the position, as a result of our teams mechanical expertise, to keep every car fully maintained - servicing, annual MOT’s and any other work you may wish to have carried out, such as detailing or restoration. Every car is also placed on trickle charge, to keep the battery at its optimum level.

Secure Vehicle Storage with Howard Watts Automotive is available for £25 per week plus VAT, and any additional maintenance can be discussed to best suit your requirements.

For more information, call Howard on 01787 210318, or come by the garage to see us.