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The Team

Howard Watts portrait

Howard Watts

Stephen Markham portrait

Stephen Markham

Master Technician
Peter Fiddes portrait

Peter Fiddes

Master Technician
John Herbert portrait

John Herbert

Senior Mechanic
Tim Maxwell portrait

Tim Maxwell

Workshop Apprentice
Debbie Whiteman portrait

Debbie Whiteman

Assistant To Howard Watts
Lisa Ellis portrait

Lisa Ellis


Our History

Riddelsdell Bros Limited has been in business since 1900, making it one of Europe's oldest recording working garages. Now trading as Howard Watts Automotive, incorporating Riddelsdell Bros Limited, the business continues to evolve and provide an increasing portfolio of automotive services. More is always being discovered about our history all the time, and we'd love to hear from you if you have something to share.

1900 image


Founded by Mr Percy J Riddelsdell & M Riddelsdell.
Riddelsdell Bros Ltd established as a Torpedo motorcycle manufacturer.

1918 image


The firm moved into the it’s present Boxford location and the main buildings, which still exist today, were erected.

1922 image


The garage was sold to H & S Dyer & A Elmer. A showroom was built to promote car sales.

1926 image


Percy Riddelsdell bought the business outright. By this time the garage was an established automotive workshop servicing the local community and beyond.

1969 image


The garage was sold to P Elmer & R Vipond.
The garage became a main dealer of Austin Morris & British Leyland Cars.

1987 image


Riddelsdell Bros Ltd became a Subaru main dealer, embracing the increasing popularity of reliable and affordable Japanese cars.

1987 image


The business expanded by incorporating Isuzu's range of 4x4 vehicles, which enjoyed success in rural Suffolk.

1988 image


Roger Vipond bought Riddelsdell Bros outright.

2000 image


Riddelsdell Bros Ltd celebrates 100 years of business.

2001 image


Howard Watts fulfilled his ambition of owning and running the Riddelsdell Bros garage, when Roger Vipond agreed to sell the business. 

2002 image


Howard’s passion for Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari developed the business into an independent specialist, employing highly skilled mechanics to work with performance and classic cars.

2003 image


Recognised as one of the oldest recorded working garage's in Europe.


2004 image


The garage partnered with Gulf to become the world's smallest Gulf petrol station.

2007 image


Albert Crighton (left) retired after 52 years of service at the garage.


2014 image


Secure Vehicle Storage established within close proximity of the Boxford garage.

2017 image


Howard Watts Group formed, incorporating Howard Watts Automotive and Riddelsdell Bros Ltd, to provide a wide range of automotive services.